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krauthamster — LiveJournal
It's been probably over a year since I posted here. The bad thing is I don't even have to look to guess that. (edit: So I posted this February...)

Is FB only down for maintenance, or is something big about to happen and the nsa doesn't want people to know about it?

Let's see...minor (but major) is what I'll call this guy's action in the video from the following link. http://www.infowars.com/man-stands-up-for-constitution-as-police-demand-to-enter-home-without-warrant/

I do like what one commenter says about it:

"He shouldn't have opened the door until the sherif deputies showed their ID and search warrant first. He should have peeped through the door hole at the top. Leaving the door slightly open could have allowed impostures dressed as cops the opportunity to storm his house and rob him blind. Uniforms aren't that hard to get."

Then there's the major thing...

This general admits our (hijacked) government financed scumbags isis/alqaeda/isil: http://www.infowars.com/gen-mcinerney-we-helped-build-isis/

Off to other things...like applying for a second job and studying (I hope).

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I wish FB had never arisen. So much time wasted over there. Politics is a flame for this moth. Yep. Over a year since I posted here, and seemingly turn-of-the-decade for some folks I know...

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Oh dear.

When will I write a decent post on LJ again? I wish facebook had never been invented.

It really is only good for politics as far as I'm concerned, though other people one would normally encounter here are over there...*grumble*

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Bah! No love to the stupid kids who keep calling in to work and the one who keeps only calling me to give me one days notice of what she's scheduling any of us for.
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New glasses...the jury is still out on these things.

At least I can jobhunt with confidence again?

In better news, Wednesday I received Necro Stellar's "White Tranquility" album in the mail!

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Don't know how many of you are following the campaign here in the U.S.A. but the scum have tried to fix things for Romney. It's only biting them in the ass.

Don't believe the delegate numbers you see on any news reports. For those of you outside of the U.S. who are fluent enough in English to understand and watch our news channels, FOX and CNN are part of the same stinking false left-right paradigm. Mainstream media? I call them the same-stream media. Better to listen to this guy's stuff, or read it using a translator page if your English isn't good enough to follow the audio feed: http://www.infowars.com/ Sometimes he's off about Police though. Most of the time he's right though. My only real bitch with him is again, he whines about who is dating what gender.

I don't know what the real numbers are now, but as of 2-22 per http://www.TheDailyPaul.com/ , Doctor Paul was in second place with 82 delegates, while Romney only had 93.

We (the Paul campaign) are winning more delegates and taking down this stinking establishment full of pedophiles! If you're part of that system, you're gonna get yours! Even though it'll only be in court!


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Found via Mike Adams' NATURALNEWS.COM, who linked it up here: http://www.infowars.com/constitution-repealed-by-traitorous-senators-republican-party-now-the-gestapo-party/

Damn! It didn't embed so here's the vid link: http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=CFB1CAFAADB65C1EF25BE43D7910BD27

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CNN did *NOT* want you to see the "REPUBLICANS SUCK TOO- END THE FED" sign:

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Gen Hamid Gul is *supposedly* the head of al-qaeda in Pakistan. This is of course nonsense:

Pt. 2:

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Does your City Council do *this* to you?
If they do, put on the (polite) pressure people!
Or at home go to the alpofun channel: youtube.com/alpofun

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